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Services We Offer

Brick, Block, Stone, Paver's and Concrete

We install and restore various types of masonry structures.  Chimney repairs, parging of foundations, stone or brick renovations,re-pointing of masonry, flagstone & brick installation,retaining & decorative walls, plus any and all masonry construction needs to include walkways,stoops, steps, patios,driveways, brick and stone mailboxes as well as fireplace refacing.

We also install and repair paver applications on stone dust foundations. 

Warranty for completed work

Custom Masonry provides a 5 year warranty on all new brick and flagstone installation with a new concrete foundation and a 1 Year warranty on all new concrete work as well as repairs to existing flagstone and brick work or paving over existing concrete with flagstone or brick.  

Included in warranty: 
  • Broken or cracked joints
  • Deteriorated joints
  • Loose stones or bricks 
  • Partial or complete collapsing of structure applies to all new installation
  • Concrete Work (any crack wider than 1 inch) area's will be patched and repaired not replaced 

Not Included in warranty: 
  • Deterioration of joints or masonry surfaces due to over exposure from water, mold, fungus and fire.
  • Use of any chemical to clear or remove ice or snow from the surface.
  • Partial or complete collapsing of the structure from any act of god.  (Including hurricane, lightening, tornado, flood, fire, earthquake etc.)
  • Cracking in masonry surfaces due to settling, shifting, abuse from new construction by location of new work.
  • Collision (human or mechanical)
  • Improper use of structure (Heavy machinery or large delivery trucks).
  • Concrete Work:  Hairline cracks, spalling or slab shifting due to water, snow exposure and deicer.
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